First Time Cruisers

I remember when I received a group of first time cruisers.  They were not really sure of where they wanted to travel, let alone what cruise line would be the best fit for their personalities.  Depending on what their expectations were, I would be able to narrow down my search and find them a cruise that they would always remember.  After speaking with the group leader, it was very clear to me that they have painted a picture in their mind of a small ship rocking and rolling all over the ocean. I needed to address and dismiss those thoughts as soon as possible.

The first thing I did was set up a cruise night for everyone.  I played videos of the two different cruise lines I thought would best fit their personalities. Once they watched the video of the different cruise lines it was a winning situation. They were amazed at how large a cruise ship really is and all of the activities they could participate in while onboard.

We talked about what information was required for both the airline and cruise.  I answered all of the questions that they had. I also gave them an idea of what they could expect while on their cruise.   The ladies main concerns were what to pack and passport requirements. The group made the final choice that night with their first deposit.    I must tell you that my first timers are now my third timers.  They love to cruise!



One thought on “First Time Cruisers

  1. I am always amazed with first time cruisers, but what I love is, if you are able to accompany the group, is the look on their faces when they see the ship for the first time! A couple that was on a group I accompanied couldn’t stop thanking me for helping them make their trip possible. Those are the ones that make this worth while!

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