Fun Facts Sunday- Aruba

Aruba is famous for its miles of beaches, friendly and multi-lingual resorts for every taste and budget, shopping, moonscape wilderness areas, world-class diving and snorkeling sites.

The Aruba Sea Jazz Festival- In less than 10 years, this October event has wowed the world with jazz funk, hip-hop and pop stars like Chaka Khan, Fourplay, Richard Bona, and Lily Warfield as well as terrific Caribbean bands and tomorrow stars.

Best time to go: Year-round-Aruba lies south of the hurricane belt.


Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor

Carnival Corporation has announced its new port, Amber Cove on the Dominican Republic’s northern coast, will open in October.

The $85-million dollar facility will be able to accommodate the largest cruise ships in operation and is expected to host more than 250,000 travelers in its first year. The project represents the largest cruise industry investment made to date in the Dominican Republic.

Amber Cove sits on the Bay of Maimon, just a few miles west of the historic town of Puerto Plata. The Amber Coast region was also one of the filming locations for the original Jurassic Park movie.

In addition to Carnival, five of the cruise company’s nine brands will make port here, including AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line and P&O Cruises.

A visit from Carnival Victory will kick off the port’s opening on October 6.

Cruises to the Amber Coast have not been regularly included on ship itineraries since the 1980s, so Carnival’s new port will see many first-time visitors to the area. Eventually, Carnival plans to incorporate Amber Cove into its Cuba itineraries.

A new port means different itineraries for all of us to enjoy.  Plan early for better rates and staterooms.

Random Thought

Source : Travel Agent Central News

Soon you will not have to fly across the world to experience an over-the-water suite.  I think these types of suites are perfect for honeymoon or  couples celebrating a special day or event in their lives.

According to Sandals Resorts, they are constructing five over-the-water suites on the private island at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island in Montego Bay. Set to debut sometime in the second half of 2015, each 1,400-square-foot villa will feature a glass floor, a soaking tub, a king-size bed, 65-inch flat-screen TVs in both the living and bedroom areas, indoor and outdoor showers, outdoor dining space and a built-in hammock over the water.

Jamaica has something for every couple but you can guarantee that everyone will have a good time if you choose Sandals.

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Liebster Award alert!



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Thank you! My first award from my fellow blogger, Ritu  But I Smile Anyway.. has nominated me for this prestigious award!

Awarded 3/25/15

I will always try my hardest to accept awards!

Here are the several rules a nominated needs to do in order to accept the Liebster Award:

  1. Link the person who nominated you( that’s Ritu) to your blog post and let them know you answered their questions.
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  1. Where were you born? Chicago Illinois
  2. Why do you write?  I am really not a writer and it takes me forever to put two words together. However, I want to share travel and other information to encourage others it is possible to travel if they plan ahead.
  3. What would you do with your last $/£5?  Buy as many plain Hershey bars $5.00 could buy. I will survive.
  4.  How many countries have you visited? Five in the Caribbean and of course Mexico
  5.  Tell me your dream job.  I work part-time now but I cannot wait to do this all day everyday a full-time Travel Professional.
  6. Did you enjoy school? Why/why not? Yes, I love learning new things.
  7. What one gadget could you not live without you? My phone.
  8.  What is your favorite book and why?  Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen-This book is a timeless love story I can read it everyday
  9. Is there life anywhere other than earth as far as you’re concerned? No
  10. Can you play an instrument of? No
  11. What is your favorite song?  Today I’ll say- Love and Happiness by Al Green.

I hope my readers take this opportunity to visit some lovely new Blogger’s, and for those I’ve nominated, please don’t feel obliged to accept, I’m just sharing the love!

And now my nominees…



 Life in the Boomer Lane




My questions are…

  1. Why did you start to blog?
  2. Name the one destination you want to visit and why?
  3. What is your favorite food?
  4. What is your favorite song?
  5. Where were you born?
  6. What gadget can you not live without?
  7. Which electronics do you think is is better?  Samsung or Apple
  8. Have you ever been on a cruise?  If so, which cruise line?
  9. What  is your favorite television show?
  10. What is the name of your dream vehicle?
  11. What is your favorite season?

I tried to make the questions easy.


















Relaxing Travel Experience

Before you pack your bags, think about where you are going and what you want to do when you get there. Nothing is worst than getting to the airport and finding out your luggage weighs more than the 50 pound maximum. Yes, this has happen to me! It was a good thing I had a carry-on with me, along with a couple of friends who had room in their luggage. Man I couldn’t believe I did what I always warn my clients not to do. Oh well! I learned a lesson and I will share 3 of them it with you.

  1. Never pack gym shoes-my gym shoes weigh at least 5 pounds. Wear them or put them in your carry-on, however wearing gym shoes can be a pain in the you know what when going through airport security. I notice most of the people had on sandals or flip- flops.
  2. If you are on your way to the airport because you are running from the cold and snow. Don’t wear a heavy coat. A couple of layers are the key because it is easy to pack in your carry-on or if you haven’t check your luggage you can slip extra clothes in it.
  3. Make sure you stick to the 3 ounces of liquids and other necessities. I forgot that my expensive lotion was in my carry-on (8 ounces) it was forever gone in the trash.

I hope you can learn from my mistakes.  After all of that, I still had a good time and a relaxing beach experience in Punta Cana. I cannot wait to go back!

Random Travel Thought

Christopher Columbus spotted the Dominican Republic in 1492; it is the oldest post-Columbian country in the Americas.

The Dominican Republic hosts one out of five visitors to the entire Caribbean. Why here? It has some of the best beaches on earth and they, in turn, have inspired not just accommodations but world-class golf courses designed by P.B. Dye, Tom Fazio, and Jack Nicklaus.

The sandy expanses are the reason why the Dominican Republic leads the Caribbean in Blue Flag beaches. For access to some beaches, travelers need their passports; for all they’ll need sunglasses, because the sand is that white.

Best time to go: November through April

Garden View

Garden View

Inspired to travel

Today’s task is to create a regular feature for your blog.  My new feature is Travel News you can use Fridays.  You might hear a small tidbit on the news about something going on somewhere but you did not hear the full story.   News You Can Use Friday’s will give you the story (news article) plus my thoughts.  Here is my first feature:

What’s new regarding travel to Cuba?

Since President Obama announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with the island nation in December, there’s been progress on several fronts, including expanded air access on public charters.

Starting March 17, tour operator Cuba Travel Services will offer a scheduled weekly Tuesday charter from New York Kennedy to Havana. The service is expected to attract the large Cuban-American population in the New York area who are traveling for family visits, as well as those travelers who fall into one of the 12 categories now permitted under the expanded rules for general travel, so long as that travel meets certain criteria.

(These include those traveling for religious, educational, professional research and humanitarian activities, journalists, athletic competitors, official government business, private foundations and people-to-people programs.)

A new gateway for a charter flight to Cuba is New Orleans.

The first direct flight from New Orleans to Cuba since 1958 took off on March 14 for participants taking part in the Cuba Today business conference organized by the New Orleans-based International Cuba Society. Trip arrangements, including the charter flight, were arranged by Cuba Travel-USA and Havanatur.

That flight could be followed by others, if demand is there, according to the operator.

JetBlue, meanwhile, said last month it was partnering with ABC Charters, will offer Tampa-to-Havana charter flights on Fridays, beginning June 5. The carrier currently offers Tuesday charter flights from Tampa to Havana, Wednesday flights from Tampa to Santa Clara and Friday flights from Fort Lauderdale to Havana on Xael Charters.

American has long offered charter flights from Miami.

CheapAir.com became the first online agency to book commercial flights to Cuba through Mexico or Panama. Those who book trips through CheapAir.com must check a box agreeing that they are traveling in one of the 12 listed categories.

The floodgates to mass tourism from the U.S. will not be open until the U.S. Congress lifts the decades-old embargo and air service agreements are subsequently negotiated.

By Gay Nagle Myers / March 16, 2015

Random Thought:  I cannot wait until the U.S Congress lifts the restriction.  I have wanted to travel to Cuba I watched the GODFATHER Part II.  Thank you Gay Nagle Myers for this article. 🙂

Blogging Event

Today I have learned how to participate in a blog event on wordpress.  One-Liner Wednesday-on Editing.

Random thought

Today’s assignment is to find other bloggers who responded to the same prompt “Places”. Read six and comment on at least two blogs.

I picked two blogs to comment on today. The first one is Flowers and Breezes This poem had me thinking of mental places that can be visited when you read books and magazines.

The second is Front porch & Candlelight. Honestly, the name of this blog made we want to read what the blogger had to say about the prompt places. I was delighted to read they enjoy the ocean and beaches too!

Random thought

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

My favorite place is on a beach in Jamaica watching as the ocean waves inch closer to me.  I love the time I spend relaxing on the deep soft cushions of a beach lounge chair.  It is a must that you spend one full day on the beach when you visit Jamaica. These are a few of the necessities I know you will need to make spending a day at the beach a reality.

The beach list includes: Sunscreen, beach towel, swim suit cover up, music, sunglasses, your favorite book and snack so you will not have to leave the beach until dinner.  If you have children with you, pack a big lunch, plus make sure they have all of the same items listed above.  Don’t forget to include some beach toys to keep them occupied.

Choose your favorite beach and try bringing the items on the list.

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