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Today’s task is to create a regular feature for your blog.  My new feature is Travel News you can use Fridays.  You might hear a small tidbit on the news about something going on somewhere but you did not hear the full story.   News You Can Use Friday’s will give you the story (news article) plus my thoughts.  Here is my first feature:

What’s new regarding travel to Cuba?

Since President Obama announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with the island nation in December, there’s been progress on several fronts, including expanded air access on public charters.

Starting March 17, tour operator Cuba Travel Services will offer a scheduled weekly Tuesday charter from New York Kennedy to Havana. The service is expected to attract the large Cuban-American population in the New York area who are traveling for family visits, as well as those travelers who fall into one of the 12 categories now permitted under the expanded rules for general travel, so long as that travel meets certain criteria.

(These include those traveling for religious, educational, professional research and humanitarian activities, journalists, athletic competitors, official government business, private foundations and people-to-people programs.)

A new gateway for a charter flight to Cuba is New Orleans.

The first direct flight from New Orleans to Cuba since 1958 took off on March 14 for participants taking part in the Cuba Today business conference organized by the New Orleans-based International Cuba Society. Trip arrangements, including the charter flight, were arranged by Cuba Travel-USA and Havanatur.

That flight could be followed by others, if demand is there, according to the operator.

JetBlue, meanwhile, said last month it was partnering with ABC Charters, will offer Tampa-to-Havana charter flights on Fridays, beginning June 5. The carrier currently offers Tuesday charter flights from Tampa to Havana, Wednesday flights from Tampa to Santa Clara and Friday flights from Fort Lauderdale to Havana on Xael Charters.

American has long offered charter flights from Miami.

CheapAir.com became the first online agency to book commercial flights to Cuba through Mexico or Panama. Those who book trips through CheapAir.com must check a box agreeing that they are traveling in one of the 12 listed categories.

The floodgates to mass tourism from the U.S. will not be open until the U.S. Congress lifts the decades-old embargo and air service agreements are subsequently negotiated.

By Gay Nagle Myers / March 16, 2015

Random Thought:  I cannot wait until the U.S Congress lifts the restriction.  I have wanted to travel to Cuba I watched the GODFATHER Part II.  Thank you Gay Nagle Myers for this article. 🙂

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Blogging Event

Today I have learned how to participate in a blog event on wordpress.  One-Liner Wednesday-on Editing.

Random thought

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There are so many excellent blogs to like and follow I spent an entire evening and afternoon trying to finish assignment 8 before I could begin assignment 9.

The blog that had me thinking the most is FiftyFourandAHalf  the post “All we are saying is give peace a chance”

You may have read or heard about this group of 47 Republican Senators who signed “An Open  Letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran”

It made me try to remember how many Presidents have I seen in office.   There have been ten Presidents:  John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, James Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George W. Bush and finally Barack Obama.

My point – I have never in my lifetime seen a congress do anything like this before.  I am just praying for a new congress who will put us, “we the people” first.

Random Thought

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Spring Break Take a Cruise!

Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor

There’s no limit to the number of families with children that have a week out of school for spring break. Don’t forget about all of the college students looking for fun  and some relaxation from their hectic class schedules.   My suggestion for your spring break getaway,  take a  cruise to the Bahamas!   It’s a short 3 or 4 day cruise and you do not have to be away the entire break.   Choose anyone of favorite cruise lines during the months of March and April to find the best values for a short cruise.

Plan ahead if you want to take a cruise longer than four days!

Random Thought

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Las Vegas-The Venetian

Las Vegas-The Venetian

My blogging 101 assignment is to identify my audience. This assignment made me realize that I don’t like the name of my blog “Travel Memories”.  I work full-time and run my travel business. I may have time for my personal travel, three to four times a year. I don’t want my blog to be only about travel memories. I want it to be about different destinations, hotels, cruising, travel tips, how to plan your dream vacation and travel news. I would like to help people who believe they cannot afford to travel now. They feel that they have to put off their travel until they reach the magic number “retirement age”.  I love to help people plan travel in advance.

This is a place to express my random thoughts on travel and share information.

What I plan to do is to create another page within this blog titled memories. Sharing your travel memories with me will be great!

I have decided my new name will be “Carol’s Random Travel Thoughts.”

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I just spent a few hours on WordPress reading some wonderful blogs, written by talented writers with beautiful templates. I can do this for a few days, however I do have to go to work tomorrow. I think I will pick this up again on Saturday when I have just a little more time to relax.

I did learn something about blogging today. I have a long way to go!!!

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I had to think awhile about a tagline I could use to express how I feel about travel in a few words. I started off with “ Lasting impressions on your heart priceless. Boring! It just didn’t reflect fun. I thought about Live, Love and have Fun. I think this has already been taken.

So what do you think about this? “Let’s say it together. Priceless”

I think a little humor goIMG_2547es along way, plus I was thinking of Al Green “Let’s stay together.” I might have just dated myself, but oh well!

My definition of Priceless:

It’s all about creating an experience when you travel. It is memories from the experience that can be relived over and over again.

That’s Priceless!

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I love to talk about travel.  My own travel memories are what I had in mind when I started this blog a few years ago.  However, my thoughts have changed. I am not only interested in sharing my memories, but to share my knowledge of the travel industry and a few of my random thoughts.  There’s a whole world out there to experience.  That’s what life is about making lasting memories.

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This is a day to celebrate love and the special people in your life.  If you are not on a cruise now, you can always plan for Valentine’s Day next year.  Princess Cruise lines offers:

Ultimate Balcony Dining

Enjoy an intimate, romantic dining experience with breathtaking views and a special meal served by your own dedicated wait-staff on your stateroom balcony. Ultimate Balcony Dining features a hosted cocktail party, fresh flowers, champagne and a deluxe four-course meal featuring delicate sweet lobster tail or juicy steak among many available delicacies.

For those who want to start the day with a romantic meal, opt for a breakfast which includes specialty pastries, fresh fruits, quiche, smoked salmon and other special treats served with a half bottle of French champagne.

How about next year planning a romantic cruise for two with the ultimate balcony dining experience. 

Carol Steele, MCC


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Cruise vacations have never lost popularity,  however what seems to be gaining in 2011, is the requests for a river cruise.  Most clients who request a river cruise start to plan at-least a year in advance.   Unlike the large ships that can accommodate thousands, river vessels carry 150 to 300 people.  You are bound to meet interesting people and make new friends.

China seems to be the most popular destination.  Viking River Cruises has an itinerary where you can visit China’s key highlights in just 12 days.  I think that the learning experience you receive, time you spend in each destination including your tours in the cities and the fact that there is no need to pack and unpack makes this a stress-free cruise vacation. 

Both experienced and first-time travelers have discovered the joys of river cruising, making it the fastest-growing segment of the cruise/travel industry.  The price you pay and what you receive on a river cruise is unbelievable. 

Carol Steele MCC

Cruise Specialist

Email: carol@getupgoworldtravel.com

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