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Aruba is famous for its miles of beaches, friendly and multi-lingual resorts for every taste and budget, shopping, moonscape wilderness areas, world-class diving and snorkeling sites.

The Aruba Sea Jazz Festival- In less than 10 years, this October event has wowed the world with jazz funk, hip-hop and pop stars like Chaka Khan, Fourplay, Richard Bona, and Lily Warfield as well as terrific Caribbean bands and tomorrow stars.

Best time to go: Year-round-Aruba lies south of the hurricane belt.


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Before you pack your bags, think about where you are going and what you want to do when you get there. Nothing is worst than getting to the airport and finding out your luggage weighs more than the 50 pound maximum. Yes, this has happen to me! It was a good thing I had a carry-on with me, along with a couple of friends who had room in their luggage. Man I couldn’t believe I did what I always warn my clients not to do. Oh well! I learned a lesson and I will share 3 of them it with you.

  1. Never pack gym shoes-my gym shoes weigh at least 5 pounds. Wear them or put them in your carry-on, however wearing gym shoes can be a pain in the you know what when going through airport security. I notice most of the people had on sandals or flip- flops.
  2. If you are on your way to the airport because you are running from the cold and snow. Don’t wear a heavy coat. A couple of layers are the key because it is easy to pack in your carry-on or if you haven’t check your luggage you can slip extra clothes in it.
  3. Make sure you stick to the 3 ounces of liquids and other necessities. I forgot that my expensive lotion was in my carry-on (8 ounces) it was forever gone in the trash.

I hope you can learn from my mistakes.  After all of that, I still had a good time and a relaxing beach experience in Punta Cana. I cannot wait to go back!

Random Travel Thought

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Las Vegas-The Venetian

Las Vegas-The Venetian

My blogging 101 assignment is to identify my audience. This assignment made me realize that I don’t like the name of my blog “Travel Memories”.  I work full-time and run my travel business. I may have time for my personal travel, three to four times a year. I don’t want my blog to be only about travel memories. I want it to be about different destinations, hotels, cruising, travel tips, how to plan your dream vacation and travel news. I would like to help people who believe they cannot afford to travel now. They feel that they have to put off their travel until they reach the magic number “retirement age”.  I love to help people plan travel in advance.

This is a place to express my random thoughts on travel and share information.

What I plan to do is to create another page within this blog titled memories. Sharing your travel memories with me will be great!

I have decided my new name will be “Carol’s Random Travel Thoughts.”

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I just spent a few hours on WordPress reading some wonderful blogs, written by talented writers with beautiful templates. I can do this for a few days, however I do have to go to work tomorrow. I think I will pick this up again on Saturday when I have just a little more time to relax.

I did learn something about blogging today. I have a long way to go!!!

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I had to think awhile about a tagline I could use to express how I feel about travel in a few words. I started off with “ Lasting impressions on your heart priceless. Boring! It just didn’t reflect fun. I thought about Live, Love and have Fun. I think this has already been taken.

So what do you think about this? “Let’s say it together. Priceless”

I think a little humor goIMG_2547es along way, plus I was thinking of Al Green “Let’s stay together.” I might have just dated myself, but oh well!

My definition of Priceless:

It’s all about creating an experience when you travel. It is memories from the experience that can be relived over and over again.

That’s Priceless!

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