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I was reading a forum today and it stated “Top 5 memories of your first cruise”.  Thinking about my first cruise it really made me laugh today.  Maybe you will too once you read this post.

Number One- I could not sleep for two days.  I kept thinking about my luggage (this is before the luggage fees of course).  Did I bring enough clothes to wear?  It was a five day cruise and I had packed enough clothes for two weeks!

Number two- I was so nervous that once I made it to the airport I developed a nervous stomach and you all know what that means…..

Number three-Once our group arrived at the Los Angeles airport to baggage claims, my luggage was not there.  It took 30 minutes to figure out what happen.  My mind went into over drive and I was in a panic state once again.  Everyone in my group was on-board the bus waiting to go to the pier before they discovered my luggage was stuck at the very top; when it should have dropped down on the carousel for me to pick up.

Number four- Catalina Island was the first Island I had ever visited and it was absolutely beautiful.    The wonderful picture of that in my mind is something I will always treasure.  I had so much fun on the island.  Good shopping ladies!  Good fishing gentlemen!

Number five- After I got over my lack of sleep, nervous stomach, and received my luggage.  The overall cruise experience was so beautiful to me.  I LOVE CRUISING!!

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