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I took my first cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy in 2001 with my family.  I had never been

Splendor 10/2010

so nervous and excited all at the same time.  As I was waiting in line to board, I thought to myself this cruise ship is huge and I cannot wait to see what my stateroom looks like.  

In my wildest imagination I could not believe I was onboard a floating resort.  The service, entertainment and the dining was unbelievable.  Arriving at different ports of call and not being limited to one destination while on vacation was great.  I only had to pack my bags once for this cruise; this was the most important to me.    Without a doubt, I fell and I am still in love to this day with cruising.   

A time saving tip I always tell my clients is to not over pack.  You will only wear half of what you bring onboard the cruise.  You will save a lot of money at the airport on luggage fees.

Carol Steele CTC, MCC

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